Enoteca is a place where the geography of Empordà meets the senses in the city of Barcelona

The essence of the Mar d’Amunt

Conceived to celebrate the purity of the flavors of the coast where he gets his inspiration and evolves in search of excellence, Paco Pérez’s cuisine is a personal landscape where sea, garden and mountains converge. Without leaving the Barcelona panorama, we discover the subtle mixture of the calm and fury of the elements that define this legendary destination.

From the whitewashed town of Dalí, Cadaqués, to the Llançà of Paco Pérez himself, we travel through the place where the tramontana (north) winds begin: el Cap de Creus. It is the landscape that chef Paco Pérez sees every day from his restaurant in Llançà, that steep ledge sculpted by the wind and waves. The same places where he ran around barefoot as a child, jumping and splashing from rock to rock, using his own hands to explore the exceptional products that the sea offered him: Mediterranean mussels, oysters, urchins, limpets with a few drops of lemon juice. That is where his curiosity developed, his respect for flavors, his love for a unique corner of the world.

From that history, Enoteca was born more than ten years ago. It can be defined as a jewel of the Costa Brava, with the intention of immersing this exceptional enclave of Barcelona in the essence of Empordà geography, by connecting nature with the senses, all together becoming an experience to enjoy, share and to savor genuine luxury.

Seasonality based on product availability

The Mediterranean is change, transformation. Nature needs to sleep to then offer us its generous awakening. These noticeable differences between seasons define the Enoteca menu, which is updated to the rhythm of the colors, aromas and flavors of the Mar d’Amunt as one more element of its landscape. Seasonal products as exceptional as they are fleeting, collected at their peak moment, and utilized with the passion that is reserved for the ethereal wonders that the world gives to us.

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