Thanks to the work of many agents, such as chefs, producers, foundations and organizations, Catalan cuisine has earned renown within Europe, beyond that of a simple collection of gastronomic experiences. The designation of Catalonia as 2016 European Region of Gastronomy provides further proof of this recognition.

The European Region of Gastronomy initiative is driven by a platform of European regions and managed by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT). The European Region of Gastronomy was born as an initiative in March last year with the aim of highlighting and promoting the different food cultures in Europe that actively contribute to education for a healthy and sustainable diet and promote innovation in gastronomy.

Catalonia’s award is the result of a joint candidature made by several departments of the Government of Catalonia and other bodies, agents and well-known figures in the country, which was presented by the Catalan Tourism Agency. Its designation as European Region of Gastronomy “recognizes the important role played by Catalan cuisine”, as highlighted by the Catalan Tourism Agency in its press release. Catalonia’ goal, as noted by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Cataluña, is “to promote local products, its cuisine and region as key for sustainable growth”. Likewise, obtaining recognition as European Region of Gastronomy 2016 will contribute to disseminating and promoting Catalonia’s rich and extensive gastronomic heritage.